Your SAP consultant would know how to solve this and keep you on the secure side

February 20, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP securing user interfaces recommendation consulting

In the light of the GDPR previsions, it is essential for all SAP users to be aware of the cyber security risks embedded in their operations. There are two main reasons for which any business owner might want to take a second, closer look at the way the digital operations are taking place, and prevent any issue.

First, it is an intrinsic concern – wanting to protect your data, as well as the data your partners entrust to you is important in itself. It shows reliability, consistency, precaution and it is part of the best practices in any field.

Secondly, the new GDPR-induced compliance just made sure that all business owners pay attention to the first point, whether they feel like it, they have allotted time and resources for it – or not.

On SAP, security is built in. However, the way interfaces are secured depends on how the user or its consultant configures this particular matter. Due to the fact that the necessities are linked with the software usage and its unique associated workflow, this point needs special attention.

To grasp more about this issue, you may read the complete source-article here.


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