Your customers have to really want to communicate with you, and SAP provides the right tools for this

August 17, 2018
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The new data protection regulation (GDPR) forces businesses to take a good look at the way they interact with current and potential customers. Since the manifestation of agreement in B2C (as well as in B2B), is now legally essential, the customers need to really want to communicate with you. Getting to that point is the result of a sum of actions that can all be defined by the generic Customer Relationship Management formula. However, these actions depend on various internal factors, from your Sales or Marketing or even Financial departments.

Knowing how and when to approach your customers, how to best respond to their requests and what to deliver in response is a huge task that requires data processing, coordination, live updating and so on. Considering the amount of data to process and the fine tuning involved, it becomes clear that only an efficient software solution can carry this amount of tasks towards a successful completion.

As you may have noticed, this year SAP made their position clear by investing in the direction of next-gen CRM. Its other software solutions and tools are also built to support an ample involvement on the line of customer engagement. But the businesses need to shift their approach conceptually, too.


Your journey to compliance starts with SAP

The GDPR-dedicated SAP webpage makes this clear. Even if your organization has not grasped the new mindset imposed by GDPR, becoming and staying compliant is a must. Orchestrating the complex system required by the GDPR rules in what the data of your customers is concerned finds its response in the SAP solutions, where GDPR compliance is built by design.

Securing the data both internally, (for example, allowing you to configure need-to-know accounts), as well as externally, SAP embedded in its tools over 20 years of data protection leadership.


How about customer engagement?

Each of us is in turn a customer, so it’s easy to make an exercise and relate to the way your customers perceive you and your business. The most likeable organization cannot compensate the lack of good products of services, but also the greatest offer cannot survive without the mean of reaching its audience.

Let’s see what Sap has in store for this:

Deliver “personalized offers at each moment of the decision making process. Listen and interact with your customers in real time with relevant information, and translate individual experiences into satisfying end-to-end customer engagements”.

Contextual marketing, smarter selling and commerce, customer services excellence – all are meant to make your offer accessible, reviewable and understandable, to make your customers feel that they really matter. Be close to your clients, provide all the necessary information and impress them with a constant readiness to answer whatever questions they may have. Deliver insights and individualized experiences.

The overall customer experience needs to be outstanding. Once a customer has entrusted your organization with its time and data, neglecting or disappointing that person is not an option. All things can be detailed, discussed, explained, tailored and re-tailored to the customer’s satisfaction. Also, the feedback you get from those you interact with is extremely valuable, so you need to channel it towards the internal factors that can understand it properly and turn it into useful changes, if needed.

As you may see, it’s a constant flow of data you need to be dealing with. Explore this page too, and find out what SAP solutions could serve this ample task. Or contact us to find the most suited solutions for your business’s needs together.


Even more intelligent solutions at the horizon


Once you become part of the SAP environment, the array of solutions is extremely rich. You may start with the basics and allow your own staff and customers to get used with the new capabilities, and take it from there. More complex solutions are always at the horizon, if and when you decide to embrace the next level of a full digital transformation.

Just as a preview, you may also check this page.

From brand identity and presence, to functionality, customer relations and data compliance, the more you look into the SAP solutions, you will see how these meet your needs and expectations. Just set aside the necessary time to explore the materials available online, or to establish a meeting with one of our specialists. As SAP partners, we are prepared to guide your exploratory stage.


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