Top 5 SAP HANA Business Benefits

January 23, 2018
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SAP HANA is the relational database management system pertaining to SAP SE and one of the “fastest ever growing” products, with a run rate of $1bn and a wide range of software products and specialists & customers relying on it. Besides its primary function of database server (and application server), SAP HANA performs ETL (extract, transform, and load) functions, as well as advanced analytics processes, such as predictive analytics, spatial data processing or graph data processing.

An SAP HANA detailed timeline is available here.

Dubbed for a while “the new database”, this in-memory, column-oriented, innovative tool managed to successfully introduce a paradigm shift by bridging the previously existing gap between TP (Transaction Processing) and Data Warehousing/Analytics, providing a much needed freedom for all things based on SAP HANA in what real time means. The software based on SAP HANA is “doing TP and analytical queries that span what’s happening in the moment as well as what has happened”, thus marking a new, much more dynamic database experience and allowing the developers to speed things up and opening up bold new possibilities.

We’ll explore in what follows the main 5 business benefits of this SAP cornerstone tool that materialized the theory of Hasso Plattner, respectively, that a zero response time database would empower companies to build business applications in a new, simplified yet powerful manner.

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With SAP HANA your business has access to the next-generation of intelligent ERP

By being immediate (it provides the power to act in the moment), intelligent (it goes beyond automation and allows predictive suggestion) and integrated (it connects from departments to businesses as a whole, at global level), SAP HANA represents a foundation for all the exciting things to come in what business software is concerned.

This database is designed to work in tandem with SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), because the SAP way of digital empowering means expanding the business Digital Core into the Digital Innovation, an area where businesses interconnect and connect with their clients in view of (and employing) IoT capabilities.

Speed, increased productivity and overall efficiency are at your disposal

SAP HANA was conceived as a race car, whereas traditional databases are city vehicles or terrain vehicles, to which developers have to adapt to, or put in extra work in tuning them.

This innovative database is 23 percent more productive when employed by the development teams, as vouched for by a 2016 IDC study.

It also increases the efficiency of database management with up to 29 percent, and makes the professionals utilizing it “rethink the possible”. Information processing is sped up by a quantum leap, due to its architecture that allows online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) operations on a single data copy in one in-memory to converge seamlessly.

SAP HANA comes with a suite of excellent capabilities

The single in-memory platform reunites six groups of capabilities that provide businesses with a comprehensive array of possibilities.

The database services provide for the users’ “take-action-in-the-moment” requirements, allowing the management of “large database volumes using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage”.

The advanced analytics processing functions leverage the in-memory data processing capabilities and allow accurate insights that support fast, smart business decisions.

The app development capabilities are designed having the next-generation applications in mind and combine analytics and transactions to deliver personalized experiences.

The complete view of the business is ensured by the way data access works – besides targeted data reach, one may integrate or replicate relevant data into this SAP database.

Simplified system administration is yet another feature. It comes with high availability and disaster recovery, minimizing downtime and guaranteeing the RTO (recovery time objectives) fulfillment each time.

Last, but not least, the dashboard-accessible interface that allows the monitoring of all security-related KPIs makes the security capability not only best-in-class due to the available software security, patching, and encryption  functions, but also simplifies all the necessary actions.

With SAP HANA, the customers get to choose from multiple deployment options

The main two options are on premise and cloud deployment.

On-premise installations involve “performance-optimized deployment on hardware appliances from SAP partners, with an option to build custom hardware based on a tailored data-center model”. Virtualization software and hardware logical partitioning are also supported.

When choosing cloud deployment, the customers benefit from a comprehensive infrastructure in combination with managed services, “consumable through SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Service or third party cloud services”.

The deployment options are dynamic, in the sense that the SAP partners are able to combine elements, transforming the base offer to several hundred options. The flexible service models depend on the client’s requirements and can accommodate various concepts – as you can see here in detail.

SAP HANA allows for a significant reduction of cost

Due to the radical simplifications brought on by the innovative SAP HANA database, the total cost of product usage is reduced when considering it in comparison with un-integrated tools that would allow the exact same possibilities for businesses. Other database systems may be cheaper, but the core expenses increase once the business owners are forced to add extra analytics capabilities.  The structural innovation introduced by this powerful tool unlocks the big data and makes it available for on-the-fly analytics processes. When you critically need the results of such processes and you are willing to exploit this breakthrough possibility to the maximum, SAP HANA is an extraordinary investment.

Due to its scaling capabilities, even when some businesses are in the process of growth and plan on using the innovative SAP HANA features only later on, this database system is also an expense that will result in a satisfactory ROI.


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