The importance of analytics processes in 2018

February 27, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP analytics

Currently the market registers an important phenomenon, respectively many small business leaders are investing in data analytics software. This proves that the big companies that have already adopted business analytics or business intelligence software for data analytics are not only setting a trend, but also confirm their choice by a considerable ROI.

Smaller companies are reluctant to investments that don’t come with a strong guarantee of value and, ultimately, profit. That is why their moves, when taken globally, are an indicator of important mentality shifts and validate the fact that emerging technologies are, in fact, establishing themselves in the business environment.

SAP has taken into account the stunning growth opportunity represented by the combined power of analytics and cloud when developing its latest-generation tools. Considerable analytics capacities are embedded in its modules and systems. They are also tailored to various types of businesses.

You can see more on the relationship forged between analytics and success in this source-article, based on IDC’s Infobrief on this matter.


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