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The digital supply chain and the intelligent enterprise

Dec 14 2018

On the SAP blog there is an interesting series of posts that approached the topic of the digital supply chain. What is it? What does an intelligent enterprise mean? How does it impact daily operations, or even daily life? From the key pillars of the digital supply chain to what…

Introducing automation properly from the leadership level downwards, for a better reception

Oct 11 2018

This week we browsed an article coming from an SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) specialist, featured on ITProPortal. It brings forward an important phenomenon in the workforce environment – the way people take in the perspective of increased automation inside organizations across the world. From the HR angle, with the…

Gearing up for change & expansion: SAP talks about CRM evolution

Jun 14 2018

CRM – Customer Relationship Management is mission-critical for all organizations now, and SAP strongly targeted this need for the midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors starting, 2013. Although the company offered SAP CRM software for its customers prior to this this year, too, the importance of standalone…

The importance of analytics processes in 2018

Feb 27 2018

Currently the market registers an important phenomenon, respectively many small business leaders are investing in data analytics software. This proves that the big companies that have already adopted business analytics or business intelligence software for data analytics are not only setting a trend, but also confirm their choice by a…

The utmost value of outsourcing, when done right

Jan 11 2018

Among the key benefits of outsourcing, the online media counts being able to focus on your company’s core activities, savings in cost and efficiency or reduced overhead – as you may see in this source article from The Balance. Of course, selecting an outsourcing vendor can prove a rather complex…


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