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SAP Cloud Platform brought new capabilities to users, as the industry-leading platform that replaced & expanded the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Apr 05 2019

With SAP Cloud Platform, customers, partners and developers are able to quickly build new applications, accelerate the extension and integration of SAP apps, power innovative Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, accelerate Big Data projects, enable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. The (rebranded) SAP Cloud Platform “creates digital differentiation by…

An example of intelligent food delivery, based on the SAP S/4HANA platform

Feb 15 2019

We have previously posted about the benefits of migrating to SAP S/4 HANA – the next generation ERP suite. Adopting or migrating to this platform is an advantage in itself, and on top of this there is a 2025 deadline by which SAP aims to transition its intelligent enterprise concept…

What to do to win at the digital game, as a company

Feb 08 2019

Digital disruption has been around for a while. This is a good thing, as not all organizations are at the same point in their presence on the market. Some are emerging, others are more mature. We also have established organizations, which need to diversify their profile and refresh their strategies.…

ERPs provide organizations with the resources needed to find their transformation agents

Nov 09 2018

“While the customer experience has never been more simple and elegant, it has never been more complex and difficult for businesses and IT teams to deliver”   The rapid pace of technological change finds organizations in a range of stances towards progress, to the point where each business may feel…

The main facts, purposes, benefits and things to know about ERPs (3)

Oct 30 2018

We selected a few key facts and data from a comprehensive CIO article about ERPs, in view of the critical importance of these systems for modern businesses. This week, take a look at a few cost-related considerations, and at what cloud ERPs bring to the table.   ERP-related costs need…

The global stage of the IoT adoption by organizations – at a glance

Sep 13 2018

Forbes published recently an article about the global digital landscape, focusing on organizations adopting technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), or the blockchain (the ledger technology that supports cryptocurrency). Although there is no doubt that the business world is moving in this direction (a fact illustrated by the best…

The future demands proactivity, the right software tools – and understanding what we have to do, to get there successfully

Sep 06 2018

There is a theme circulating around in the online media. With all the new horizons brought by next-gen technology, with an increasing critical mass of leaders that grasp the present and future changes – something is amiss in this mix. Not all leaders are naturally able to shift the way…

The Logistic Transparency (LT) app by Sphinx IT brings your supply chain operators into one integrated formula, connected to your main ERP

Aug 28 2018

Reminder: Logistic Transparency (LT) by Sphinx IT. Our flexible MVP provides real-time data for all the actors in the daily operations for distribution. LT by Sphinx IT fully acknowledges the fierce competition in the difficult markets with relatively low margins, which determines every increase in supply chain efficiency significantly to…

Your customers have to really want to communicate with you, and SAP provides the right tools for this

Aug 17 2018

The new data protection regulation (GDPR) forces businesses to take a good look at the way they interact with current and potential customers. Since the manifestation of agreement in B2C (as well as in B2B), is now legally essential, the customers need to really want to communicate with you. Getting…

Further concerns about AI regulation link into the AI-based software industry and underline potential risks

Jul 20 2018

This week we introduce an SAP –related article concerning AI, entitled “Should We Regulate “Dangerous” AI Now or Wait?” We found it on SAP Insider and it is an interesting read. As we mentioned before, SAP is dedicated to improving the AI use in its enterprise software solutions. As with…


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