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The utmost value of outsourcing, when done right

Jan 11 2018

Among the key benefits of outsourcing, the online media counts being able to focus on your company’s core activities, savings in cost and efficiency or reduced overhead – as you may see in this source article from The Balance. Of course, selecting an outsourcing vendor can prove a rather complex…

The key 5 answers you need when considering SAP S/4 HANA migration

Dec 28 2017

The business environment currently goes through a set of changes of impact. The experts and analysts widely recognize their amplitude, insomuch they agreed upon the surname of “disruption”. The core of this disruptive process is digital. Businesses restructure their processes having the cloud in mind, and all the departments reinvent…

SAP Cloud Platform – enabling businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge

Dec 14 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager The digital transformation expected to sweep across all industries by 2025 (to quote Gartner), is driven by key factors such as IoT – related expectations, new standards, opportunities of growth in the new markets, omnichannel strategies, the increasing role of eCommerce (up…

Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT – video

Dec 04 2017

Sphinx IT is delighted to share with you LT – Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT – our flexible MVP that provides real-time data for all the actors in the daily operations for distribution. Starting from the business case involving the digital transformation of delivery processes, Sphinx IT has designed &…

SPHINX IT in the SAP InnovMatch Challenge

Nov 16 2017

The SPHINX IT Team recently took part in the InnovMatch SAP Challenge. As an experienced SAP partner, we chose one of the 5 potential clients featured in the contest, and we developed our unique solution for their provided requirements: a SAP Cloud Platform – based application for distributors, of great…

5 benefits of the (still elusive) SAP S/4 HANA migration

Nov 08 2017

Madalina Andrei – SAP Business Development & Project Manager Also known as the next generation ERP suite, SAP S/4 HANA covers all core business functions, introducing the best conceptual and UI trait business could demand – simplicity. In SAP’s own words, the main purpose of this sophisticated tool lies in “executing all…

Find the right SAP support services mix for your company

Nov 07 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager This article is primarily of interest for professionals working in or for companies that use SAP as their primary business application / ERP system. It aims to provide an objective, hands-on look at the age-old question of which avenue is most profitable…


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