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SAP Cloud Platform brought new capabilities to users, as the industry-leading platform that replaced & expanded the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Apr 05 2019

With SAP Cloud Platform, customers, partners and developers are able to quickly build new applications, accelerate the extension and integration of SAP apps, power innovative Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, accelerate Big Data projects, enable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. The (rebranded) SAP Cloud Platform “creates digital differentiation by…

News on SAP Cloud Platform, new services & Kubernetes, from this year’s SAP Tech Ed

Oct 04 2018

As we’ve mentioned on our Facebook page, by sharing some of the latest trending posts, SAP launched a few important updates and innovative changes for some of its solutions at the recent event – SAP Tech Ed. Focusing on business cloud deployment, the company “is now delivering enterprise-ready, event-driven serverless…

SAP Cloud Platform – enabling businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge

Dec 14 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager The digital transformation expected to sweep across all industries by 2025 (to quote Gartner), is driven by key factors such as IoT – related expectations, new standards, opportunities of growth in the new markets, omnichannel strategies, the increasing role of eCommerce (up…

SAP Cloud Platform – how to benefit from this powerful tool

Dec 11 2017

The SAP Cloud Platform is SAP’s ubiquitous PaaS aimed to support all enterprise-level digital transformations, by providing the interested IT professionals with a comprehensive environment where they can test, experiment, deploy scenarios and most of all develop innovative, as well as bespoke traditional applications. The platform delivers an “open, robust…

Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT – video

Dec 04 2017

Sphinx IT is delighted to share with you LT – Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT – our flexible MVP that provides real-time data for all the actors in the daily operations for distribution. Starting from the business case involving the digital transformation of delivery processes, Sphinx IT has designed &…


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