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Your SAP consultant would know how to solve this and keep you on the secure side

Feb 20 2018

In the light of the GDPR previsions, it is essential for all SAP users to be aware of the cyber security risks embedded in their operations. There are two main reasons for which any business owner might want to take a second, closer look at the way the digital operations…

Business models that empower companies to benefit from the SAP Ecosystem

Feb 14 2018

An E-3 Magazine recent article extrapolates the topic of “SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them”, taking the “Profit from the SAP Ecosystem” book, by Synomic’s Ralf Meyer as a starting point. Although the article is a bit sophisticated, due to the business terminology, it is well…

Facts: SAP Ariba – the potential for a B2B marketplace

Jan 16 2018

The Ariba Company dates back to 1996, when seven entrepreneurs decided to materialize the idea of an Internet-based procurement process support system. The company went public in 1999, being one of the first B2b companies to acquire this status. While Ariba itself absorbed Tradex, Agile Software, FreeMarkets and Procuri, in…

Best practices for DevOps teams, as seen by AlertOps

Nov 28 2017

The DevOps teams materialize the same name concept, merging the software development division with the software operating division. The move serves to provide shorter software development cycles, to increase the frequency and consistency of client-side implementations, and to improve the automation and monitoring during all the stages of the software…

SPHINX IT recommends: a case of successful SAP, as presented by Forbes

Nov 23 2017

A recent article on ForbesBrandVoice illustrates the way SAP accelerated business growth in the case of a renowned liqueur brand, in fact the 6th largest player worldwide in the specific industry. The article, authored by David Trites from SAP, mentions the increase in international exposure for the said company, going…


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