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The main facts, purposes, benefits and things to know about ERPs (2)

Oct 24 2018

It is never too soon or too late to understand the basics and the reasons that generated the ERP phenomenon, especially that this type of business software kept pace with trends and times and we are now looking at them being the only viable option for business operations at the…

News on SAP Cloud Platform, new services & Kubernetes, from this year’s SAP Tech Ed

Oct 04 2018

As we’ve mentioned on our Facebook page, by sharing some of the latest trending posts, SAP launched a few important updates and innovative changes for some of its solutions at the recent event – SAP Tech Ed. Focusing on business cloud deployment, the company “is now delivering enterprise-ready, event-driven serverless…

Business models that empower companies to benefit from the SAP Ecosystem

Feb 14 2018

An E-3 Magazine recent article extrapolates the topic of “SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them”, taking the “Profit from the SAP Ecosystem” book, by Synomic’s Ralf Meyer as a starting point. Although the article is a bit sophisticated, due to the business terminology, it is well…


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