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The global stage of the IoT adoption by organizations – at a glance

Sep 13 2018

Forbes published recently an article about the global digital landscape, focusing on organizations adopting technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), or the blockchain (the ledger technology that supports cryptocurrency). Although there is no doubt that the business world is moving in this direction (a fact illustrated by the best…

Beyond the tipping point – 9 out of 10 business leaders agree AI is critical for success

Jun 05 2018

SAP recently released the results of a survey of 2500 C-Level executives conducted in in Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. According to these results, automation seems to be not only gaining traction, but rather is the main means to a successful future for a lot of…

A blockchain study, from SAP

Apr 05 2018

The SAP SVP of IoT and Digital Supply Chain, Gil Perez, posted an article based on a blockchain study by SAP, sending this message towards the business community: “it’s time to get real”. We browsed the article to see what prompted this cryptic, but important conclusion. A need to think…


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