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Implementing your new ERP, best practices

Feb 22 2019

Not everyone does it in the same way, but there is an optimal way to do it. It’s about ERP implementation – and we have had the opportunity to experiment how different company cultures and regional habits influence it. Nevertheless, there are procedures that, when respected, make sure the process…

Thoughts on efficiency, even more accessible to leaders once ERPs input useful insights and handle repetitive operations

Jan 11 2019

Efficiency is a focal concern when it comes to management and leadership, due to being linked to productivity. Incidentally, at the beginning of 2019 we came across more than one article approaching this very subject and its relevance to the success of any business. Since there seems to be no…

Just how much could GDPR compliance be worth

May 24 2018

GDPR compliance is lately surpassing in frequency words such as “hello”, “task” or “meeting” in the work environment. OK, perhaps this is exaggerated. Nevertheless, the 25th of May marks the official GDPR adoption deadline. All affected companies have had time to prepare. Yet experience shows that all new rules take…

Protecting your data – the right transition from a bolted door to a secured door, with SAP

Apr 20 2018

In the current disruptive economy, businesses cannot keep a bolted door when it comes to their data. It’s the age of ubiquitous connectivity. How can you profit from this “anywhere, anytime” opportunity of meeting your clients’ requirements – from behind an enclosed system? The answer is that you cannot. The…


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