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News on SAP Cloud Platform, new services & Kubernetes, from this year’s SAP Tech Ed

Oct 04 2018

As we’ve mentioned on our Facebook page, by sharing some of the latest trending posts, SAP launched a few important updates and innovative changes for some of its solutions at the recent event – SAP Tech Ed. Focusing on business cloud deployment, the company “is now delivering enterprise-ready, event-driven serverless…

SAP improves and extends its global infrastructure, to its clients’ benefit

Sep 20 2018

“By moving more of its services to the cloud and taking advantage of software technologies, SAP’s goal is to improve support for customer-facing applications and provide a better user experience for both its own employees and its customers”. Fiercetelecom, among others, featured this week the story about SAP signing with…

Putting SAP in any app – a move that profiles a strategy for the future

Mar 26 2018

SAP just launched the Application Edition of its Predictive Analytics software. Their software is embed-able in just any application, regardless of the brand. The company’s goal is “to allow people who wouldn’t necessarily use data analytics tools on a day-to-day basis to benefit from better analyses without disrupting workflow”. This…

Sphinx IT extends the partnership with SAP by adding SAP Business One to its portfolio

Jan 30 2018

We are glad for our colleagues in charge of the SAP Business One solution! January 2018, Timişoara – Sphinx IT, part of the LASTING Group, opened the year 2018 by adding a new solution to its portfolio. The Sphinx IT team acquired new competencies for SAP Business One, the solution…


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