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The digital supply chain and the intelligent enterprise

Dec 14 2018

On the SAP blog there is an interesting series of posts that approached the topic of the digital supply chain. What is it? What does an intelligent enterprise mean? How does it impact daily operations, or even daily life? From the key pillars of the digital supply chain to what…

ERPs provide organizations with the resources needed to find their transformation agents

Nov 09 2018

“While the customer experience has never been more simple and elegant, it has never been more complex and difficult for businesses and IT teams to deliver”   The rapid pace of technological change finds organizations in a range of stances towards progress, to the point where each business may feel…

The global stage of the IoT adoption by organizations – at a glance

Sep 13 2018

Forbes published recently an article about the global digital landscape, focusing on organizations adopting technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), or the blockchain (the ledger technology that supports cryptocurrency). Although there is no doubt that the business world is moving in this direction (a fact illustrated by the best…

Smart cities – from concept to reality, with SAP

May 30 2018

More than a year ago, Sean O’Brien, Deputy GM & VP IVE, EMEA Public Services & Healthcare at SAP revealed some of the software giant’s plans concerning the development of smart cities by using IoT. The interview took place at the SAP Innovation Forum 2017, and you may see here…

How do they do it: Burger King forwards its digital journey with SAP

Mar 19 2018

Burger King is a globally renowned brand. Who hasn’t heard of this company? Everyone has at least a vague idea about what this chain of fast food does. Imagining their daily operations is not difficult, either. Burger King Brazil considered using the IoT in 2016. The inspiration came from seeing…


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