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Your customers have to really want to communicate with you, and SAP provides the right tools for this

Aug 17 2018

The new data protection regulation (GDPR) forces businesses to take a good look at the way they interact with current and potential customers. Since the manifestation of agreement in B2C (as well as in B2B), is now legally essential, the customers need to really want to communicate with you. Getting…

Just how much could GDPR compliance be worth

May 24 2018

GDPR compliance is lately surpassing in frequency words such as “hello”, “task” or “meeting” in the work environment. OK, perhaps this is exaggerated. Nevertheless, the 25th of May marks the official GDPR adoption deadline. All affected companies have had time to prepare. Yet experience shows that all new rules take…

Protecting your data – the right transition from a bolted door to a secured door, with SAP

Apr 20 2018

In the current disruptive economy, businesses cannot keep a bolted door when it comes to their data. It’s the age of ubiquitous connectivity. How can you profit from this “anywhere, anytime” opportunity of meeting your clients’ requirements – from behind an enclosed system? The answer is that you cannot. The…

Your SAP consultant would know how to solve this and keep you on the secure side

Feb 20 2018

In the light of the GDPR previsions, it is essential for all SAP users to be aware of the cyber security risks embedded in their operations. There are two main reasons for which any business owner might want to take a second, closer look at the way the digital operations…


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