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Happy IWD! Five reasons why ERPs are of the feminine gender

Mar 08 2019

In the celebratory spirit of the International Women’s Day, we thought of five reasons due to which one could easily say that ERPs are in fact feminine. First, Happy International Women’s Day to all of you out there, whatever your gender identity. Now, for the reasons: ERPs organize all your…

ERPs provide organizations with the resources needed to find their transformation agents

Nov 09 2018

“While the customer experience has never been more simple and elegant, it has never been more complex and difficult for businesses and IT teams to deliver”   The rapid pace of technological change finds organizations in a range of stances towards progress, to the point where each business may feel…

The main facts, purposes, benefits and things to know about ERPs (3)

Oct 30 2018

We selected a few key facts and data from a comprehensive CIO article about ERPs, in view of the critical importance of these systems for modern businesses. This week, take a look at a few cost-related considerations, and at what cloud ERPs bring to the table.   ERP-related costs need…

The main facts, purposes, benefits and things to know about ERPs (1)

Oct 19 2018

Gartner coined the term ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning in 1990. When describing the evolution of planning from materials requirements and manufacturing resource to engulfing the Finance and Human Resources departments, the now familiar abbreviation came into being. The rapid evolution of ERP systems during the 90s is also attributed…


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