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What to do to win at the digital game, as a company

Feb 08 2019

Digital disruption has been around for a while. This is a good thing, as not all organizations are at the same point in their presence on the market. Some are emerging, others are more mature. We also have established organizations, which need to diversify their profile and refresh their strategies.…

The global status of industrial-robot adoption and the need for collateral automation

Dec 21 2018

Using the measurement of the number of industrial robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers in the country, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) establishes each year a global map of industrial-robot adoption. Since 2018 is about to draw to close, the latest numbers concern the 2017 situation, which registered a 15%…

SAP Cloud Platform – enabling businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge

Dec 14 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager The digital transformation expected to sweep across all industries by 2025 (to quote Gartner), is driven by key factors such as IoT – related expectations, new standards, opportunities of growth in the new markets, omnichannel strategies, the increasing role of eCommerce (up…


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