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An example of Greenfield SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Mar 15 2019

A question customers often ask their software consultants is “How much time is it going to take?” In what concerns the timeline for the SAP S/4 HANA implementation, the answer cannot be a standard one. The duration depends on many factors in each separate instance. Companies have their particularities, collaboration…

How do they do it: Burger King forwards its digital journey with SAP

Mar 19 2018

Burger King is a globally renowned brand. Who hasn’t heard of this company? Everyone has at least a vague idea about what this chain of fast food does. Imagining their daily operations is not difficult, either. Burger King Brazil considered using the IoT in 2016. The inspiration came from seeing…

SPHINX IT recommends: a case of successful SAP, as presented by Forbes

Nov 23 2017

A recent article on ForbesBrandVoice illustrates the way SAP accelerated business growth in the case of a renowned liqueur brand, in fact the 6th largest player worldwide in the specific industry. The article, authored by David Trites from SAP, mentions the increase in international exposure for the said company, going…


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