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The main facts, purposes, benefits and things to know about ERPs (3)

Oct 30 2018

We selected a few key facts and data from a comprehensive CIO article about ERPs, in view of the critical importance of these systems for modern businesses. This week, take a look at a few cost-related considerations, and at what cloud ERPs bring to the table.   ERP-related costs need…

Top 5 SAP HANA Business Benefits

Jan 23 2018

SAP HANA is the relational database management system pertaining to SAP SE and one of the “fastest ever growing” products, with a run rate of $1bn and a wide range of software products and specialists & customers relying on it. Besides its primary function of database server (and application server),…

SAP Cloud Platform – enabling businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge

Dec 14 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager The digital transformation expected to sweep across all industries by 2025 (to quote Gartner), is driven by key factors such as IoT – related expectations, new standards, opportunities of growth in the new markets, omnichannel strategies, the increasing role of eCommerce (up…

5 benefits of the (still elusive) SAP S/4 HANA migration

Nov 08 2017

Madalina Andrei – SAP Business Development & Project Manager Also known as the next generation ERP suite, SAP S/4 HANA covers all core business functions, introducing the best conceptual and UI trait business could demand – simplicity. In SAP’s own words, the main purpose of this sophisticated tool lies in “executing all…


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