SPHINX IT recommends: a case of successful SAP, as presented by Forbes

November 23, 2017

A recent article on ForbesBrandVoice illustrates the way SAP accelerated business growth in the case of a renowned liqueur brand, in fact the 6th largest player worldwide in the specific industry.

The article, authored by David Trites from SAP, mentions the increase in international exposure for the said company, going from 20% to 80%, on the background of introducing SAP-based standardization that reduced complexity, and “revamped IT infrastructure and applications”. More exactly, the company centralized its IT infrastructure into just one main data center and “implemented a single instance of SAP across all geographies”, following an important acquisition in 2009.

To see more details, as well as their current approach of the SAP business software tools, you may check the source-article here.


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