Smart cities – from concept to reality, with SAP

May 30, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP smart cities

More than a year ago, Sean O’Brien, Deputy GM & VP IVE, EMEA Public Services & Healthcare at SAP revealed some of the software giant’s plans concerning the development of smart cities by using IoT.
The interview took place at the SAP Innovation Forum 2017, and you may see here the original posting.

At the time, SAP was running three such projects in Argentina, making use of the powerful SAP HANA database. As Mr. O’Brien summarized: “We take the sensor data, we take the asset data, we take the predictive data, and we used SAP HANA to do the analysis”.

From flood prevention and control to smart lighting and smart waste disposal, one project after another, the efficient capabilities of the SAP solutions work their way into smart cities, and ultimately into the cities of the future.


Partnerships and strategies for success

More recently, during the Dubai edition of the New ICT Roadshow 2018, an announcement let the attendants know that Huawei partners with Microsoft and SAP to build a collaborative ICT ecosystem for business driven innovation.
The two points in time, each featured by two major events, clearly prove that the track is set. Smart cities are a tangible horizon and strategic digital partnerships place SAP among the leading-edge tech forces that drive this wave of change.

Each project adds experience and marks another step on the road of overcoming new challenges. Although no city is like the other, developing a powerful portfolio of dedicated solutions is a considerable business card when it comes to the future of technologies of public interest.

To have an idea about a different line of solutions for the smart cities landscape of tomorrow, you may also see here how SAP plans to empower the energy utilities:

Higher goals


While smart cities might have once been about simply making things more efficient or introducing cool gadgets, there’s now a new purpose: using technology to tackle the biggest social and economic challenges faced by cities around the world

–    Andy Canham, Managing Director, SAP Canada, speaking of the Smart City 2.0 concept/phase

Read more here. (Image from the same source.)



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