SAP to fashion brands that use ecommerce: mind your customer

March 14, 2018
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One of the most difficult issues in commerce is the mindset. Once a seller, you tend to always be a seller – and think like one. It is rather difficult to understand that your end customers think differently, and don’t feel like anyone should correct them. No customer wants or accepts to be told how to think, behave or choose – why should they, after all?
There is only one way out of this. You must understand your customer, and/or listen to those who took this step long time ago. Your online and omnichannel presence have to meet the customer peculiarities, to please one and all in a flawless succession of operations.

Be your own customer – and see how it works

This advice is easy to offer, hard to take in. A Forbes article by Erica Vialardi, Audience Engagement Marketing Manager, SAP Hybris approaches this topic. As you may see for yourself here, things are in fact simple.

Go on your ecommerce website – pick up a random item or service. Look for it. Try to type in half a word, or to misspell what you are looking for. See what happens. The thing is that your website should work even in these cases. They are more frequent that you think. Your customers don’t have the patience or the time to wrap their minds around the way you built your website. It’s the other way around. Someone shows the initial interest in your products/services. The digital tools you use should answer to this call – regardless of the shape it takes.
Perhaps a customer feels that a dialogue would be better. How about a chat box? Some prefer ordering on the phone instead of registering and going through the steps of online ordering. Why not associate a working phone number with your “Order Now”?
These are just examples. Usually the big brands apply all the rules in the book of customer services. You may take a peak and see some live examples.

High-level experiences are available, because of custom-tailored software & experienced providers

When newcomers start employing digital tools, it takes some accustoming with them. Yet, the benefits of the line of the above overcompensate the initial difficulties. This is due to the way software tools work from the start.

Leading brands, such as SAP, use their vast previous experience. They tailor intuitive, anticipation-capable systems that are in sync with the market needs. We are living times of ubiquitous connectivity. Customers are demanding and they are experts in detecting what is missing from the picture. They want speed, perfection and simplicity. The customer experience should be seamless, user-friendly and efficient.

Thus, the companies that aim for seamless digital operations excellence are well advised to adopt the right software. These software “helpers” take them half way to success. With a quick familiarization and some personalized, custom-tailored add-ins and tools in the mix – this is a winner recipe.

A friend in need

The need to understand your customers is present – whether you acknowledge it or not. To surmount this retro-style is not impossible. Yet the effort, the talent and resources you need might be hard to find.Can you guess what your customers lack? What tiny malfunction or unfriendly detail puts off some of them? What is it that cuts their journey short? Can you browse through their suggestions to sort out those which are valuable as starting points for what you need to change?

As mentioned, the most honest answer would be “yes, but…”. Continue the phrase at will: “…it will take a while”, “…with difficulty”, “…we need to get more employees”, and so on.

There are digital tools that hold most of the answers you need. Based on your peers’ experience, these business software programs prompt out the essential points. They address issues that you might have never thought of. Once you have figured out the client “mystery” with their help, you can focus your creativity on your product or services you provide.


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