SAP takeaways and forecast, based on MWC 2018

April 10, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP MWC 2018

The CTO and General Manager of Interconnect Products for SAP Digital Interconnect at SAP, Russ Green, identified this year’s key themes at the Mobile World Congress. Starting from here, Mr. Green estimated the way some of the most prolific technologies will influence the business customer engagement activities.


5G and one of its biggest challenges

While many of the MWC exponents featured 5G demos, the potential business customers are still worried about the ROI. Investing in 5G is not yet at the point where it comes easy, and it also requires and equally sustained effort from the mobile operators’ part.

While it’s clear 5G is an advanced technology, its business applications are yet insufficiently explored. Its business model is to be determined.



In what concerns IoT, MWC focused on its industrial applications, “such as manufacturing, logistics, smart cities, and autonomous cars”. The wide range of connectivity technologies gain traction as software providers integrate them into their products. Integrated technologies become tested and validated technologies, thus saving time and money for individual business customers. Finding out autonomously whether certain products are suited or not is not for every business, whereas having leading-edge companies endorse them is a far more advantageous situation.


New horizons in Consumer Experience

One of the most compelling demos at MWC involved a mix of VR, IoT, 5G and robotics. The prospect of businesses engaging with everyone, everywhere needs both AI software (and suitable hardware), as well as trained people that would control the machine-supported processes.

Keeping up with the latest valuable technologies is an SAP desiderate. As the enterprise software giant continually improves and develops its products, its moves certainly anticipate the short and medium-term developments. SAP also takes into consideration the long-term business environment perspectives, and follows the current disruptions, having in mind the success of their customers’ operations.

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