SAP-powered immersion. Is this the future of entertainment?

April 23, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP example entertainment tech show next-gen

The way SAP partnered with Cirque du Soleil is fascinating. Instead of being preoccupied of how to get the spectators to turn off their mobile phones, the artists included these devices in their show. By using SAP solutions, especially SAP HANA, Cirque du Soleil obtained a fascinating show where each member of the public contributed to the atmosphere. The SAP-based app downloaded fast updates on the spectator’s phones, and the effects thus obtained were part of the show.
This type of immersion into a fictive world could be the entertainment of tomorrow. As technology evolves, the yet untapped augmented or virtual reality capabilities could make their way into professional multi-purpose applications. At the end of the video presentation, you may see that the same app designed for Cirque du Soleil serves for finding tickets and booking seats for the show.


In this example, one solution covered all the operations behind the scenes, on stage and in what the audience experience is concerned. Proving what SAP personalization looks like, this success story opens up new horizons. Innovation is both in the less obvious core structure of businesses, as well as in the spotlight. It depends on each business to decide where it wants to place it. But it surely provides the wings for ideas to expand to their full potential.


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