SAP improves and extends its global infrastructure, to its clients’ benefit

September 20, 2018
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“By moving more of its services to the cloud and taking advantage of software technologies, SAP’s goal is to improve support for customer-facing applications and provide a better user experience for both its own employees and its customers”.

Fiercetelecom, among others, featured this week the story about SAP signing with Verizon on what is deemed to be a huge contract regarding the future of its global infrastructure. The German company wants to implement new technologies, such as SDN (Software Defined Networking), in order to get a more cost-effective management. Upgrading the SAP’s global network will allow the company to better compete against rivals such as Salesforce or Oracle, too.

Two lines of development for the SAP-Verizon partnership


On one hand, Verizon will be “developing a new global network to link SAP’s offices around the world, which includes SAP’s voice and data services”.

On the other hand, the goal consists of providing a “scalable and secure internet connectivity to hook up SAP’s customer-facing data centers around the globe, which is key to SAP’s cloud business”.

Both areas prepare for the foreseeable future in what software solutions are concerned. As SAP is always one step ahead, the changes are surely aiming for the company to have a seamless global network, ready to take on the next-gen workload coming from an increased customer migration to the cloud, the array of new services provided, an enhanced customer relationship management system and whatever other challenges are on the horizon.


SAP’s growth, a key reason for this big move


The details of why SAP went with Verizon over other contenders such as Deutsche Telekom or AT&T are not disclosed in the news. Verizon was previously an SAP technology partner (and will go on as such), and those who are up to date with the industry information surely can speculate upon why their contribution got selected for this vast project.
Be as it may, what prompted this step is also the growth rate registered by SAP in what their cloud services are concerned. According to sources quoted in the Fiercetelecom article, the company’s “cloud bookings grew by 29% from the second quarter of last year to the most recent second quarter this year”.

The way Verizon’s president put it: “When a company is growing as quickly as SAP, the network is foundational. And network is at the heart of what we do.”


The relevance of the Verizon-powered SAP network upgrade for the SAP customers


In the words of SAP’s CIO, “As we move more of our business to the cloud, our customers’ success depends on our ability to connect them to our applications, and to help ensure those applications deliver the highest standards of performance and security.”

The current SAP customers can see in this upgrade the characteristic SAP dynamism. Always improving their offer and their stance, this established actor in the software solutions’ game makes it really hard for others to match its offer. Another thing prompted by this move is that SAP’s future solutions and services will be at least as efficient as the ones it provides nowadays.

As for the potential SAP customers, a new, upgraded global network is yet another reason to take the necessary steps and adopt the SAP tools.


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