SAP Cloud Platform – how to benefit from this powerful tool

December 11, 2017
SAP Cloud Platform Sphinx IT

The SAP Cloud Platform is SAP’s ubiquitous PaaS aimed to support all enterprise-level digital transformations, by providing the interested IT professionals with a comprehensive environment where they can test, experiment, deploy scenarios and most of all develop innovative, as well as bespoke traditional applications.

The platform delivers an “open, robust multi-cloud experience”, which we have ourselves experienced many times, in designing and producing applications in concordance with our clients’ requests.

Depending on the type of professional approaching SAP Cloud Platform (IT Developer, DevOps member, Business Analyst or SAP Partner), SAP recommends custom-tailored explore & build pathways.

Of course, when contemplating the SAP App Center, it is only logical that the shortest way to materialize the app your business needs goes through an experienced SAP partner, whose professionals are familiarized with all the premises of the SAP Cloud Platform and are passionate about making the best of this tool when it comes to business applications.

In support of this, you can browse this SAP Cloud Platform presentation material dating from the beginning of 2017, which makes the complexity and the potential of this tool clear in detail.

(image credit: SAP)


Stay tuned this week for our detailed article on the way SCP enables businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge


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