SAP Cloud Platform – enabling businesses to raise to the digital transformation challenge

December 14, 2017

By Madalina Andrei SAP Business Development & Project Manager

The digital transformation expected to sweep across all industries by 2025 (to quote Gartner), is driven by key factors such as IoT – related expectations, new standards, opportunities of growth in the new markets, omnichannel strategies, the increasing role of eCommerce (up to the point of companies renouncing their brick-and-mortar line of stores) or the pressures to lower costs.

When confronted with these challenges, business owners have it clear that the shape of the environment they are evolving in is to change drastically. The sooner they realize all the implications (or at least the ones possible to anticipate), the better. This means the preparations for the mandatory digital transformation can begin, thus offering an earlier start and better times for strategizing and decision making.

SAP considered this perspective, and treats it as an opportunity for making great digital tools available to all those already embracing this digital transformation, or planning to restructure their activities accordingly. The new concepts are based on the bimodal style of work, where the predictable areas of work complete the exploratory ones, making continuity, as well as anticipatory measures possible – simultaneously.

How SAP positioned their SAP Cloud Platform

Designed as an agile platform, SAP Cloud Platform serves in leading digital innovation. In the above context, this is a crucial tool for exploration embodied in valid and commercially-viable software. It is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), specially tailored for enterprise software development.

The “SAP’s open platform as a service for developing modern cloud business apps”, as the company entitles it, comes with comprehensive services and capabilities, such as:

  • Choice of runtimes (Java EE applications, SAP HANA XSJS and HTML5/JavaScript)
  • UI Development (SAPUI5 or the open-source version OpenUI5)
  • Hybrid and native mobile apps building facilities (Apache Cordova along with Kapsel (SAP plugins), and any other Cordova plugins; also native iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Secure on premise connectivity (reverse-proxy secure connection)
  • API management (build, test, analyze and deploy APIs with SCP)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) (standard connectivity layer that allows one to quickly and securely connect, configure and manage any kind of device)
  • Support for all essentials, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, multi-Cloud, integration and analytics

SCP is built in order to enable businesses agility, by allowing those who desire it to extend their current cloud apps to add new features and extra personalization, to transform their current on premises apps into modern mobile apps, as well as to be able to accurately measure the results by using the available pre-built app extension.

SAP Cloud Platform – a comprehensive infrastructure

The platform runs in dedicated and managed data centers around the globe, located strategically in the US, Australia, Japan, China, and in Europe and providing 24/7 global support. This network of data centers provides customers with advanced network security and reliable data backups, with a 99.9% availability warranted by SAP. The compliance issue is solved with built-in compliance, integrity and confidentiality.

SAP HANA ensures that the divide between transactions and analytics is eliminated, driving performance with the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), an affordable relational database management system (RDBMS), designed for high-performance transaction-based applications involving massive volumes of data.

What horizons can you open up when employing SAP Cloud Platform?

As TechTarget mentions “independent software vendors (ISVs), startups and developers can use SAP HANA to create and test HANA-based cloud applications. It can also be used to extend cloud and on-premises software” (SCP used to be called SAP HANA Cloud Platform), and the payment model is subscription-based.

Developing applications and extensions in SCP is the means to an end, which can be described as providing modern businesses with various digital abilities that are essential for the future of business. As we already mentioned the comprehensive services and capabilities embedded in utilizing SCP, we can only add that these features shift into the digital tools developed on this platform, and detail a couple of them.

SAP Cloud Platform enables the usage of the power of analytics both for the users of your SCP-developed apps, as well as for the applications themselves. Embedding advanced analytics that allow the identification and management of multiple data sources of data into the app solutions makes companies benefit from a variety of analytics patterns, which they can use in their activities.

*SCP capabilities:

Data management and storage covers both structured and unstructured information, ensuring a variety of persistence options that provide a welcome flexibility when developing solutions.

The DevOps features are tailored to increase productivity and simplify development – they include complete life cycle management. All operational needs are covered, and popular open-source environments are supported.

SCP comes with integration facilities that enable access to remote services and applications, while ensuring a high security level for the digital assets involved.

SAP took into consideration the IoT business apps as a special category where businesses need to go from go from sensor to action, an element that requires streaming analytics and remote data sync.

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services translate into anytime, anywhere performance, therefore the SAP developers designed them accordingly.

The runtimes and containers benefit from build-pack support and facilities destined to increase development productivity.

The anytime, anywhere access to the SCP is doubled by top security and authentication features.

Automated tasks, as well as continuously updated SCP services make sure that businesses employing this development platform are able to provide the users with a high quality, responsive and easy-to-use UX.

Master the SAP Cloud Platform now…

…and stay ahead of your competition, by providing your employees, partners and customers with state-of-the-art mobile solutions.

Dubbed as “the Cloud Innovation Platform that works with your core Business applications”, the SCP is basically an open invitation to transform the way you are doing business, by taking advantage of all that mobile applications can do to enrich, speed up and make your operations more efficient.


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