SAP Cloud Platform brought new capabilities to users, as the industry-leading platform that replaced & expanded the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

April 5, 2019

With SAP Cloud Platform, customers, partners and developers are able to

  • quickly build new applications,
  • accelerate the extension and integration of SAP apps,
  • power innovative Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios,
  • accelerate Big Data projects,
  • enable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

The (rebranded) SAP Cloud Platform “creates digital differentiation by connecting a rapidly growing number of smart devices and machines with people and processes to achieve superior business outcomes”.

Since being available, it counts over 1,000 partner apps, as well as numerous SAP enterprise apps.


A summary of the main SAP Cloud Platform capabilities and integrated services


As we mentioned in one of our previous articles about the SAP Cloud Platform, this industry-leading platform provides:

  • Choice of runtimes (Java EE applications, SAP HANA XSJS and HTML5/JavaScript)
  • UI Development (SAPUI5 or the open-source version OpenUI5)
  • Hybrid and native mobile apps building facilities (Apache Cordova along with Kapsel (SAP plugins), and any other Cordova plugins; also native iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Secure on premise connectivity (reverse-proxy secure connection)
  • API management (build, test, analyze and deploy APIs with SCP)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) (standard connectivity layer that allows one to quickly and securely connect, configure and manage any kind of device)
  • Support for all essentials, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, multi-Cloud, integration and analytics
  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • SAP Project Companion mobile app – a native iOS app that provides integration through SAP Cloud Platform with the SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud solution
  • SAP API Business Hub, bringing a catalog of application programming interfaces – APIs (e.g. for the SAP S/4HANA Cloud suite, SAP Mobile Service application and SAP Localization Hub, tax service) for SAP applications
  • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow that quickly and easily connects business functions in a graphical interface, so that the business analysts are able to “rapidly create new composite workflows for business processes”.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine service, helping customers complete their solutions by “adding workloads based on existing on premise software or languages and runtimes that can now run directly on SAP Cloud Platform”
  • SAP Cloud Platform IoT service
  • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (formerly Altiscale) bringing Hadoop in the cloud and providing the foundation for Big Data applications
  • New data centers with full local language support in both Japan and China.

*For some of the above-mentioned capabilities and integrated services, we looked back to 2017, when SAP launched a Press Release entitled “SAP Cloud Platform Intelligently Connects People, Things and Businesses” – you can access it here in full version.

October 2018 updates to SCP, announced at SAP TechEd:

  • The SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise messaging service
  • The SAP Cloud Platform Backend service, “a fully managed data management service that aims to generate robust, scalable and enterprise-ready APIs and services to serve application data needs in a real-time event-based environment”.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform Functions service, bringing “the ability to create micro services where the platform itself takes care of the implementation, running and scaling of the functions”.

For more, see our post from last year, here.

Also, you may see here a SCP Product Overview (slideshow, SAP, 2018).


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