Putting SAP in any app – a move that profiles a strategy for the future

March 26, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP analytics embedded

SAP just launched the Application Edition of its Predictive Analytics software. Their software is embed-able in just any application, regardless of the brand. The company’s goal is “to allow people who wouldn’t necessarily use data analytics tools on a day-to-day basis to benefit from better analyses without disrupting workflow”.

This is part of a more ample strategy that plans to put analytics center-stage and showcase the real power of such tools.

The recent move adds within the Leonardo toolkit. However, as SAP progresses with its next-gen policies and strategy, similar moves are to be expected for the rest of SAP’s systems/tools.

Analytics are the core of future business operations. To unleash their full power, the business community needs to understand all the latent opportunities. Connectivity is also important. The same way sharing your traffic position makes the entire mapping system more accurate when predicting the faster routes and times of arrival, getting more and more businesses to use analytics takes this tool to the next level.

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