News on SAP Cloud Platform, new services & Kubernetes, from this year’s SAP Tech Ed

October 4, 2018

As we’ve mentioned on our Facebook page, by sharing some of the latest trending posts, SAP launched a few important updates and innovative changes for some of its solutions at the recent event – SAP Tech Ed.

Focusing on business cloud deployment, the company “is now delivering enterprise-ready, event-driven serverless business application deployment innovation with three integrated services based on Kubernetes, Knative and Kubeless”.


Key business processes – re-imagined and evolved into event-sensing applications

This is a potential operation, since it depends on the SAP customers whether they materialize it or not. But the following services are now generally available (or will soon be made as such), within the SAP Cloud Platform:

• The SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging service; it comes with “scalable, event-based messaging, auto-activation and auto-scaling for applications”.

• The SAP Cloud Platform Backend service, beta; this is “a fully managed data management service that aims to generate robust, scalable and enterprise-ready APIs and services to serve application data needs in a real-time event-based environment”.

• The SAP Cloud Platform Functions service, beta; this service comes with “the ability to create microservices where the platform itself takes care of the implementation, running and scaling of the functions”.
Billed as microservices, the above-mentioned capabilities are designed to speed deployment of event-based cloud applications.


The Kubernetes-based new service within SAP Cloud Platform


SCP private beta now provides “the deployment option of containerized business application workloads in a Kubernetes environment” for customers. The general availability of this option is announced for 2019.

This will bring “flexibility, as well as ease in creating container-based business applications that are effortlessly deployed and managed in a public cloud” of the customers’ choice.

You can check here the page dedicated to the SCP Kubernetes Environment, although it is in the “coming soon” stage.

Also, more about Kubernetes here, for those of you knew to this system.

“Our new SAP Cloud Platform capabilities are focused on accelerating the delivery of new business application functionality. This will enable our customers to better serve their customers and innovate in their markets. SAP’s investment in open source, business services and other technologies will help developers deploy innovative business applications and other game-changing apps to make their companies intelligent enterprises.”

– Björn Goerke, President, SAP Cloud Platform, and Chief Technology Officer, SAP

from the SAP’s Press Release available here.


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