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July 12, 2018
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SAP on the cloud market

Close to the end of 2017, Forbes listed the biggest companies that provide cloud services at a global level as such:

Two months later one could notice how in CNBC’s similar top, SAP was in fact in the 4th position, according to data from FactSet:

Coming back to Forbes, their article mentioned how SAP has a valuable asset, consisting of an “unmatched incumbency within all of the world’s leading corporations as the supplier of mission-critical business applications that run those companies”.

Another SAP-related relevant detail would be that their “SAP’s HANA technology is (…) in full deployment across thousands of businesses, and as it takes root and SAP continues to rationalize its massive product portfolio around HANA in the cloud, SAP has a very bright future ahead of it in the cloud”.

We want to underline here that SAP has a unique market position – one that allows the company to be in the middle of megatrends, and in the same time to observe and create tendencies. This attribute is embedded in the SAP solutions, and makes them designed for the future, in a way that does not in any way harm the present requirements of the SAP customers.


SAP and AI – a cornerstone story

On the other hand, we find SAP mentioned in the discussions concerning the use of AI in view of future requirements. Check here to see what are its neighboring brands, as well as the general perception in regard with the company’s scope and intent when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

For SAP, “AI has become woven into the software’s very fabric”. In February 2018, SAP’s chief Product Officer, Mr. Pedersen, told ZDNet that “SAP is now looking through almost every business process its software handles and determining where AI should be added. SAP’s asset management functionality, for example, is getting predictive maintenance capabilities added in.”

The ace in the sleeve…

When it comes to both cloud capacities, as well as business-oriented AI, SAP brings an ace up its sleeve to the game. Due to its partner program, the standard SAP solutions are enriched with an array of personalized elements. By shaping them to adapt to the end customer requirements, the SAP partners contribute to the SAP environment with a continuous input of ideas, extensions, and combinations.

The fact that innovation with SAP comes from two directions – being both centralized and localized – is great. Having a simultaneous connectivity to the business requirements at two levels bodes well – the essential moves and trends are live, their input is locally filtered, as well as sifted through Big Data.

The result consists of great AI capabilities, put to use in an everyday manner. In combination with SAP’s cloud power, the companies that adopted this brand of business software have an excellent ally in their digital transformation quest.

In conclusion, when contemplating the business necessities of today in most developed markets (or of tomorrow, when it comes to runner up areas), the organizations may well notice how SAP has an ideal position in terms of insights and strategic thinking, as well as the needed capacity to embed these key elements into their digital solutions.

Tech cloud spotting puts SAP among the leaders in the business software field, armed with AI and an unmatchable experience of over 30 years.

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