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December 4, 2017
Sphinx IT, Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT, MVP, SAP Cloud Platform

Sphinx IT is delighted to share with you LT – Logistic Transparency by Sphinx IT – our flexible MVP that provides real-time data for all the actors in the daily operations for distribution. Starting from the business case involving the digital transformation of delivery processes, Sphinx IT has designed & developed this MVP – LT.

It has a simple architecture – SAP Cloud Platform as a robust and scalable platform on which we developed a user-friendly interface, having in back-end the ability to integrate with any ERP system and with any Transport Management System. Our extensive experience with logistic processes for more than 10 years, combined with our know-how with mobile apps for productivity enables you to achieve business agility, creating a truly integrated and optimized enterprise. We invite you to challenge us in order to support you in the road to digital transformation of delivery process. Our app offers a paperless delivery process and it is built around three roles, by accessing specific data:

  • Customers – details regarding their order processing status, truck delivery location, confirm receipt of goods immediately or return issues;
  • Sales people & back-office – details regarding deliveries, returns, customer feedback, truck details & connected sensor data, analytics that support business decisions that can increase customer satisfaction and decrease redundant operational activities due to lack of real-time data;
  • Drivers – no matter if the driver is internal or external, routes, deliveries and documents are available with just a few clicks, safety and security is ensured, enabling the driver to communicate easily with the back-office in order to speed up the delivery process and to ensure that unexpected situations are immediately announced.

The app we propose – Logistic Transparency, is flexible and can be tailored to additional business needs or new ideas to increase productivity. The following benefits are ready-to-go and come as part of the starting package:

• Eco-friendly – due to electronic availability of delivery documents and electronic signatures & confirmations;

• Economic – due to SAP Cloud Platform which requires zero infrastructure and allows integration with data for deliveries from ERP or transport planning system (TPS);

• Easy – drivers simply follow the route instructions coming from ERP or TPS;

• Real-time – when delivery is made, the customer can sign the dispatch on a tablet, this signed document can be returned directly to ERP for further processing (no need to wait for signed papers to return from the field) and the returns can be immediately collected from the customer;

• Backward integration – all correctional documents into ERP system – any problems with deliveries can be reported in real-time, by triggering the return flow directly from the field;

• Predictability – responsive web app for tracking status and current position of trucks – estimated time of arrival for customers’ location and truck visibility on the map;

• Transparent – option for customers to see which truck is delivering their order and what is the current status of the delivery; • Analytic – complete reporting and analysis capabilities.


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