How should you deploy SAP ERP – the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployment model

December 7, 2018

On Digitalist, the senior director of Product Marketing for SAP S/4HANA analyses how and if IaaS may be the best model for ERP deployments.

Based on the fact that companies would buy hardware and bandwidth at a price and capacity based on their highest demand thresholds, in order to have their own ERP infrastructure, and end up using the said infrastructure only very rarely, IaaS infrastructure meets a critical market need.

Infrastructure as a Service means the physical infrastructure remains to the service provider, but the company gets to control “the operating system, the databases, and the ERP application itself”, which means updates and maintenance are free of any outside-imposed schedule.

Usually, the payment scheme for any respectable IaaS is in relation with the demand and consumption from the part of the client company. Spikes in usage do cost more, but you would compensate by paying less the rest of the time.


Flexibility and scalability, while keeping a degree of control resembling infrastructure ownership


Since IaaS is elastic by definition, allowing companies to expand or shrink their hardware usage, according to their needs, it only makes sense that the flexibility and scalability boxes are both ticked. Of course, in most of the cases the companies that employ a competitive ERP actually grow their operations and become bigger and more powerful, so the sizing down option, although available, is not the way one would usually go by. However, since some companies may function in cycles, hosting or taking part in projects that very in size and amplitude, being able to pay as you go in what their infrastructure is concerned comes in very handy, indeed.


Cyber security, a high level issue with leading edge solutions when it comes to IaaS providers


Any IaaS provider choice you make, it should be an informed and guided one. Since the angle in both the original article, as well as ours is one that sets the ERP up front, and approaches the IaaS as a means to ensure your ERP functions at full capacity, the way you should choose the best provider is not ours to detail.

What customers have to know, nevertheless, is that this particular point it yet another illustration of the saying “one cannot afford being cheap”. Those offers that do not have the lower costs stand more chances to come embedded with real powerful cyber-security elements. The higher you go on the scale of quality and price, the best this element should be represented, although beyond a certain cost threshold no provider should fail short on the cyber-security front, in any way.

So, the general opinion is that worries related to cyber-security risks when using the IaaS model should not surpass the concerns you may have when taking care on premises of this problem. On the contrary, knowing that a provider is the one taking care of this issue may leave you feeling more serene. The provider is more likely to invest more and be more in the know regarding this element, since it is key to its entire business – all IaaS customers need to have their data secured when it comes to the infrastructure, and not only.

Leaving you to check out the two examples chosen by the senior director of Product Marketing for SAP S/4HANA in his article, we just want to underline once more how the SAP solutions have a maturity that can hardly be found in any other tools on the market. To find out more, get in touch with us!



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