How do they do it: Burger King forwards its digital journey with SAP

March 19, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP example Burger King using SAP

Burger King is a globally renowned brand. Who hasn’t heard of this company? Everyone has at least a vague idea about what this chain of fast food does. Imagining their daily operations is not difficult, either.

Burger King Brazil considered using the IoT in 2016. The inspiration came from seeing the SAP capabilities put into practice with the train company Trenitalia. BK’s idea was to monitor their machines with sensors. This enabled a direct way of notifying the technician as soon as the software detected issues. This cut short the previous way of doing things. Intelligent software took over a task handled by human managers.

For this purpose, the company had a prototype developed in SAP Leonardo. The solution includes sensors, a gateway and the SAP Cloud Platform. It also involves machine learning functions and dashboards for interaction. The process took four weeks.


Gearing up for the modern customer

The focus in the above mentioned process was the modern customer. A person that is mobile, connected, and reachable via a seamless multi-channel function.

The company achieved “efficiency in business processes and management to be with trusted partners; a flexible and agile architecture that can incorporate external collaboration and simplify future development; and a robust and scalable infrastructure with flexibility and agility”. You may see details in this online article (in Portuguese).

Here is a rough image of the complexity of the supported operations. Burger King Brazil counts about 600 restaurants serving 650,000 customers per day.

The digital journey goes on – with an ever-changing destination. Besides, having a supporting digital partner such as SAP makes the changes easier to assimilate.

*SAP Forum Brazil 2017 featured the Burger King case study. Their story highlights the importance of the real time adjustments enabled by IoT.


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