Further concerns about AI regulation link into the AI-based software industry and underline potential risks

July 20, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP AI solutions

This week we introduce an SAP –related article concerning AI, entitled “Should We Regulate “Dangerous” AI Now or Wait?” We found it on SAP Insider and it is an interesting read.

As we mentioned before, SAP is dedicated to improving the AI use in its enterprise software solutions. As with all breakthroughs and emerging technologies, the incipient phase usually is free of concerns related to a technology’s misuse.

However, the potential of Artificial Intelligence, as well as previous tech experiences prompts the specialists in the field to consider the potential risks. The new technologies in themselves are not a threat, but when they are powerful, the way people put them to use raise the problem of emerging threats.

What could AI be misused for – one might ask. As it happens, by studying AI-based decisions, people have found out how these are not always the best. Machines are not yet able to make ethical decisions, nor are they able to unload complex decisions from humans. What is statistically the best is not always the same with what is the best in real life. The example of the school teacher mentioned in the article is relevant.

That is why the author (Bernard Marr, Independent Advisor), feels it is wise to mention studies that are pro and con when it comes to regulating AI.

When and if this happens, it will surely affect all AI-based tools.

Find out more about detailed considerations and what AI regulations might look like by browsing the source article here.


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