Business models that empower companies to benefit from the SAP Ecosystem

February 14, 2018
Sphinx IT SAP Ecosystem

An E-3 Magazine recent article extrapolates the topic of “SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them”, taking the “Profit from the SAP Ecosystem” book, by Synomic’s Ralf Meyer as a starting point.

Although the article is a bit sophisticated, due to the business terminology, it is well worth the read, since the core of the matter is in fact as simple as it is powerful. It all has to do with the winning business model, a sustainable, guaranteed to succeed model that any business is aiming for.

Various methodologies established themselves as a quality way to go for discovering this coveted business model – however, the article vouches for two of them, which are in fact intertwined. The “Business Model Generation (BMG)” is based on the “Business Model Canvas”, and, according to the E-3 Magazine, any business owner should use this approach.

For details, check the source article here.


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