Bridging the gap between business and emotions – a goal for SAP

June 20, 2018
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Mark de Bruijn, VP, Head of Marketing EMEA & MEE at SAP Customer Experience authors a recent post on The Future of Commerce, and talks about one of the main concerns in the automated world – the focus on people.

Starting from a study that gives a simple, yet difficult answer to the question of how to make the customers happy, he explores some ways to bring emotion into the customer experience. Brands need to provide their customers with positive experiences. But what does this mean, and how can they reach this goal?


Personalization remains essential


Each one of us is unique, although there are things we share. Absolute personalization may be impossible to achieve, yet aiming for experiences that may be positive for most of the customers is possible. In marketing, this comes from segmentation. You divide the audience into groups, and establish group requirements, preferences, and needs. Then you address them.

With intelligent software, going beyond groups becomes attainable, too. Valuable, organized insights enable companies to understand their customers individually. Those in charge of customer experience management save time in what the data collection and processing are concerned. They may use this time for interpreting the final data, for profiling the customer.

What you make of data becomes the most important part of this journey. The human skills involved here are different from the traditional ones in the field of customer management. Instead of manually retrieving information, identifying patterns and being able to translate these into relevant response actions, now the organizations need something else. They have to expand the already formatted data into individual portraits, and address each customer with specific messages and actions.

How can brands include emotions in the process of customer management?

Having established the power of positive emotions in attracting and maintaining (loyal) customers, SAP considered a few ways of actually including this into quantifiable, real actions.

The author of the article selected five useful recommendations for any SAP business client:

–    Learn what drives each one of your customers
–    Learn to collect and process data in a way that would produce relevant results
–    Integrate all the data for one customer, for a 360 degrees view
–    Use artificial intelligence and machine learning for smart profiling
–    Don’t forget about the value of positive surprises

For details on how to accomplish each one of these goals, you may check the source article here.



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