A relevant environment at work drives a different, better productivity, and SAP ERP may give you the means to achieve it

March 1, 2019

A recent HBR article approaches the question of how people relate to and feel towards their work environment. Since they spend a considerable part of their lives at work, employees from all types of environments need to find a positive meaning in this area of their lives, besides just needing to do it, to earn their lives. A relevant environment at work makes people feel like they belong – and answers an innate need that may make the difference between indifference and happiness.

HBR based their article on the EY Belonging Barometer study, which surveyed 1,000 employed American adults. The bottom line? People want to connect with those they work with. This gives meaning to the time spent together with their coworkers, and makes them feel better, leading to “engaged employees, to client retention and better financial results”.

You can explore in the source article the recommendations in view of the right way of “checking in” with the employees, a process that increases the wellbeing and communication levels in a team, group or organization, and that can be encouraged by any HR department.


Allow your ERP to take care of the monotonous tasks, and free your professionals for more meaningful activities


In view of the above (and inspired by the HBR article), the time and resources needed in activities such as those involving the HR department can be gained by having a quality ERP system.

While taking away the load of monotonous tasks, such as manual data centralization, processing and synchronization, an ERP allows your professionals to focus on what humans do best – better the relationships that are vital in providing a nurturing, meaningful work environment.


What can you do with an ERP’s HR module that would free your employees for a different kind of tasks?


Having an integrated ERP system means that your company can store employee information electronically, eliminating paper handling and the disparate folders that make data recovery difficult.

A good computer system allows the entitled persons to reach all the relevant information regarding an employee in a matter of seconds. To this, an integrated IT system is a key component in this process.

The SAP ERP Human Resources module has several options for managing company roles and responsibilities, the employees’ personal information, time management tasks – such as keeping track of each staff member’s vacation days, as well as employee training or payroll functionalities, etc.

SAP ERP makes the distinction between task, function and employee. In SAP an employee is a person who undertakes tasks that describe a certain function. The function is a generalized description of the responsibilities of a specific employee, or the specific position that an individual holds.

The duties of an administrative assistant can be defined in SAP. By default, an administrative assistant receives several tasks such as: vacation planning, calculating the salaries and the taxes that go to the state budget, preparing the monthly budget report by departments, etc. Such tasks are the generally applicable requirements for an administrative assistant, regardless of whether the post is in marketing, production, engineering or other departments.

On top of this set of tasks, a marketing assistant, for example, may have different responsibilities than an administrative assistant in accounting. Additional responsibilities can also be added to a manager assistant position to suit the company’s requirements.

Travel management is yet another function that can be accomplished by using the SAP ERP – which will take care of storing the travel data of each employee, including hotel, flights, and rented cars data, but also the data regarding the budget assigned for each business travel.

Thus, your HR people can have more time to talk, listen, observe, coordinate and get involved in human-to-human activities with the goal of increasing employee engagement, the feelings of relevance, belonging and truly being part of a team, in a way that enriches their life.


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